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January 10, 2019

Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For TAKING OVER PAYMENTS In Real Estate Investing

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Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For TAKING OVER PAYMENTS In Real Estate Investing

Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For TAKING OVER PAYMENTS In Real Estate Investing

Your Complete Guide To Buying Real Estate Without Using Your Credit or Borrowing From A BANK

Never Borrow Money From A Bank To Buy Real Estate Again, And Build Your Passive Income Through Owner Financing

WHOLESALERS: The sky opens up to you with owner financing! The truth is not every seller can nor wants to sell at a deep discount with a cash offer. Being able to negotiate terms allows you to create more win-win options. Not only can you get more deals but you now have a new audience that can buy these types of properties, retail buyers and investors that buy seller financing. As wholesaler you can build income each month or replace your job or until you wholesale enough properties to buy one outright and cherry pick to keep a good deal for yourself.

LANDLORD INVESTOR: Say bye to borrowing limits! With a loan, Banks cap out how many properties you can own. With Owner Financing, you take back control and have the seller finance it for you and own as many properties as you want. Build passive income for a comfortable nest egg!
Fix & Flippers: Why borrow from a hard money lenders with high interest fees, instead, have the seller finance it for you. You can do short term seller financing during renovations, you and your crew fix it up and cash the seller out once rehab is complete!

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: New opportunities of income, learn how to invest and close more leads by offering more solutions to sellers.
Average homebuyer Not trying to invest just yet? No problem, with no cash or limited credit you can learn this powerful strategy and buy your own personal home or learn how to wholesale.

Protect your privacy. Your personal credit or social security is never on the line or affected, use the financing already in place

The debt never comes up under your credit report
Unlike traditional loan, Learn how to negotiate a non-recourse loan that protects you and your livelihood so they can only come after the collateral.

Puts you in Control the entire process: The Financing, Closing date, Closing costs, and recourse

Saves you thousands of dollars in Bank junk fees, points. You control the costs.

Amortization, Somebody has been paying down the interests so that when you come into the picture, you’re paying down the principle instead of just interest.

What Kind of Houses Can You Buy Through Owner Financing?
You can buy commercial and residential. You can buy nice homes, ugly homes, fixer uppers, mobile homes, even million dollar houses.

Why Choose Owner Financing Over Other Investing Strategies?
Owner Financing is a more sophisticated way to buy Real Estate because you are using creative financing strategies instead of borrowing funds. You are targeting a specific market for these homes instead of competing with other investors at an auction.

Why is buying Owner Financed Properties a Powerful Strategy?
In one word...Control. It puts you in the driver seat and in complete control of the entire process. You control the financing, closing costs and you protect your privacy. Your personal credit is never on the line or affected because the debt never comes up on your credit report. You’re not at the mercy of the stinky bankers, or pay them hundreds of thousands in junk fees and interests over the span of 30 years. Taking back control and being a smart investor is how you get ahead in life.

Will This Work In The Next Crash?
Yes! As a matter of fact, Now is the best time to learn this strategy! And you want to do it before the next crash hits...there are red flags, stocks, bonds, real estate are hitting all time historic high, all over the worlds from USA, Japan, UK, all at once.

As i’ve said before, the next real estate crash will be investor heaven if they apply the very same skills in this course.


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