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January 14, 2020

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3 Harsh Realities Of Being A Real Estate Investor or Agent As a new real estate investor or agent we think all we need is the education and we will have success in real estate.

But that is fair from the truth. Real estate is a very hard business. You must know how to talk to sellers, you must know how to sale, how to negations, what type of LLC or S corp to setup, what website and hosting to set up. But after setting up all the "stuff" as a new real estate agent or investor you realize that your just spend a lot of money on "stuff" and your noting making no money!

Yes, you heard me right, as real estate wholesaler or real estate agent, you will spend a lot of money on schooling and education and seminars but all these things take money out of your pocket. I thought you wanted to "make money" that why you got into real estate!

If you listen to most gurus or people that talk about "how to spend" money! Watch this video to learn the 3 Harsh Realities Of Being A Real Estate Investor or Agent so you can be your dreams in America.


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