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April 30, 2019

How to Get Your First Deal - How to Find and Fund Real Estate Deals with

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How to Get Your First Deal - How to Find and Fund Real Estate Deals with 

As a new real estate investor getting your first deal under your belt is a most as it will give you confidence and strength to believe in yourself and moving towards your dreams.  

Therefore, I have take complex business of real estate and made it simple!   

Here are two of real estate student in my profit sharing coaching that have find 2 real estate deal with owner financing where they can own a house with just $1,000 and don't need a bank loan or have to use their own credit!

In this real estate training video I will show you how my student found these motivated sellers for free.  Yes free marketing to find home owners in their local back yard.  

Then I show you how they funded the real estate deal without going to bank or using their credit!   As I teach in my real estate online training is to get the seller of the house to fund you their house.

Learn How To Get Started Flipping Houses in Your Backyard.

Say Bye To Blood Sucking Gurus, and Hello to "Profit-Sharing Coaching" a Performance Based Coaching System

BOTTOM LINE: "Real Estate Hand Holding”

When you cash checks, then I get paid!
That Simple! 

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