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November 6, 2018

How To Buy House Without Using Credit or Bank

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How To Buy House Without Using Credit or Bank
Wrap-around mortgage & Subject To for Real Estate Investing

Owner Finance Real Estate Course for Investors.  Learn Owner Financing Houses: (Real Estate Wrap-around mortgage & Subject To for Real Estate Investing)

Where & How To Find Owner Finance Properties
__What you will need and how to get started
__Where to find Owner Financed properties
__20+ videos on Creative ways to fund your deal
__How to buy properties without borrowing from a bank or a hard money lender
__How to monetize an Owner Finance deal
__Learn the difference between auction investor and creative finance investor
__Wholesaling explained

How To Negotiate Offers on Owner Finance Properties
__How to talk to a seller
__How to profit from properties with negative equity
__How to evaluate a property
__How to protect your deal once you have it under contract
__How to negotiate the offer, Powerful negotiation strategies, and How to give multiple offers
__How to benefit from buying Owner Financed properties in the coming Financial Collapse
__Different ways to structure a Owner Finance transaction
__Video training on the paperwork you will need
__How to close 9 out of 10 deals
__How to file a deed
__Video training on how to fill out the contract
__Understanding the difference between Subject To and Wraps

Closing & Your Exit Strategy: Monetize Your Owner Finance Properties

__Understanding the Closing process and what to expect
__How to sell your Owner Finance property
__How to screen buyers and wholesale your deal
__How to set up insurance for Owner Finance property
__Property Management tips for Landlords
__Case studies and walkthroughs of actual investment properties
__How to Insurance the property after you buy it via owner financing

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