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November 7, 2019

How I Bought a Subject To House As My First Investment Property (+The Marketing & The Numbers)

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How I Bought a Subject To House As My First Investment Property (+The Marketing & The Numbers)


How I Bought a Subject To House As My First Investment Property (+The Marketing & The Numbers)

In 2006, 4th quarter, I seen the real estate melt down before anyone else that I know of!

Therefore, I wanted to buy real estate, as i was a successful entrepreneur however the banks were not lending and the meltdown of mortgage back securities and sub-prime lending.

Therefore, I started using "subject to investing" as strategy to buy my first home as investment property in the start of the real estate collapse.

Subject to investing is where the seller sold me his house with the existing mortgage in place. That means, all I did was to take over his monthly payments. I did not have to get a bank loan, nor did I have to using my credit to buy the house.

Subject to investing real estate is where the seller become my bank, because the seller already had a loan on their house.

Now this seller was what I called "Motivation Sellers" which means he was going to Divorce.

What the full video, to learn more

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