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August 13, 2020

Are Sub2 Investing Good for Rehabbers?

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Are Sub2 Investing Good for Rehabbers?


Are Sub2 Real Estate Investing Good for rehabbers and fix and flippers? In this video I'll be talking about what is subject to investing where to find motivated sellers to buy their home subject two and three major benefits buying subject to for rehabbers and fixing flippers in the real estate business.


I also talk about the benefits of not having to pay for a hard money lending not borrowing money from private money not borrow money from a credit card because the seller of the home which is highly motivated will become the investors private bank a.k.a. seller financing.


In other words learn about seller financing and how it benefits rehabbers and pick some flippers what's the maximum return on investment #Rehabbers #Sub2 #SubjecToInvesting

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