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November 26, 2018

According to CNN and Mastercard, sales from Black Friday this year are up 9% (here’s the truth)

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According to CNN and Mastercard, sales from Black Friday this year are up 9% which means some of you are spending more money this year on owning/gifting more crap...
Later on the news a reporter asks a holiday shopper why she was spending more she confidently answers..."I just feel the economy is doing well"
Meanwhile in the REAL world...stocks have been crashing everyday in November, and any gains you made in 2018 have been wiped out by now and the housing market has been steadily slowing down.
Is everyone in a delusional bubble?
Knock Knock
Who's There?
2008 Financial Crisis on STEROIDS
You don't need more clothes
You don't need more shoes
You don't need more gadgets
Stop trying to impress the neighbors
The only 3 things you need are a smart phone, a laptop and wifi to MAKE money
then you need to SAVE that money
so that you can RE-INVEST it so then that money 
makes you MORE MONEY!
You also need to know what will make you money 
Enter The New Flip
I've already figured out how to take $100 and turn it into $697 and it only took me 4 days...
Do you have $100? 
You do if you're spending it on junk...
The New Flip is easily worth $500 because its proven to work... but you can download your copy not for $500not even $100but for just $29 on Amazon
It's up to you to begin making a difference in your life. No one else will do the work for you.
As part of our Amazon launch party, were giving out (nineteen) new "The New Flip: How to turn $100 into $697 in 4 days" for just $29!
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