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January 6, 2020

3 Reasons Why America Killed Iranian General Soleimani 💥 IRAN WAR CHESS MOVE, Economic Collapse News

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3 Reasons Why America Killed Iranian General Soleimani 💥 IRAN WAR CHESS MOVE, Economic Collapse News

3 Reasons Why America Killed Iranian General Soleimani, IRAN WAR CHESS MOVE, Economic Collapse News Its no secret that we are in a world slow down, aka the newest great depression, special in America. Why?

The power of the usa dollar as the world currency is the diminishing as we bully worldwide countries from our allies to enemies.

Its no secret that war is profitable for the merchant of that's like the Lockie Martin's the bowings versus the average working class that has to lose their sons and daughters in body bags while the elites cash in!

Its no secret that BIG BROTHER LIES! It's no secret that thanks profit handsomely when there's blood shed.

In this video I'll talk about three reasons why in my opinion America killed Iranian general and why this was at chess move play for us to go bomb another country and kill millions of other people

#Soleimani #IranWar #EconomicCollapseNews

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